Sunday, June 13, 2010

The A-Team: Loud, Raucous, Bombastic, Pointless, but Fun and Charming

How could most people not know who The A-Team are, or better yet, how could anyone not know the theme song to the original TV Series?

Most of us who are familiar with The A-Team had very low expectations when they announced that there was going to be a silver screen adaptation of the film. I was nervous because yet again I adopted my usual attitude that "Hollywood is once again going to rape my childhood."

And yet, this time Hollywood did not fuck this reboot up in the least bit.

I mean The A-Team does have its share of issues mainly the characters and action sequences over substance and plot, but the original TV series was the same way.

What really made the TV series so memorable for so many people were the goofy explosions and the lovable characters in the show. How could anyone remember Mr.T saying "I pity the fool!" and not smiling in the least bit or wanting The A-Team to come and help you or even join The A-Team as a member. Hey even some ladies fantasized about these guys, in particular Face because he was the good looking one (I am a Murdock kind of a girl. I like my men that know how to cook a mean meal and that are a little crazy).

The basic premise of the film follows the same plot as the TV series in which they were sent to prison for a crime they did not commit and they escaped and broke out.

Of course the film decides to go for the origin story route, but what makes it different from the other reboots is that the origin story is set in the 21st century and centers on the controversial Iraq war, for the beginning of the film at least. Of course when the boys go to recover some stolen plates, they screwed over and get blamed for a crime they did not commit. In order for The A-Team to clear their names, Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Face (Bradley Cooper), B.A. Baracus (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley) escape from prison and chase Pike (Brain Bloom) to retrieve the plates but to also get vengeance for their comrade Morrison (Gerald McRaney). Hot on their heels of course is Capt. Charisa Sousa (Jessica Biel), Face's ex-girlfriend and CIA Agent Lynch (Patrick Wilson) in which he is constantly mistaken for various Lynches.

The plot of the film as the episode plots in the TV series is hollow and your typical standard fare for action films, but really sets the film apart is the comedic timing and pacing. The action sequences in the film are ridiculous and unbelievable but the audience expects that from The A-Team and the film truly delivers on that and much more especially with Murdock's skills as a pilot.

What really makes the film truly rewarding despite the shitty plot are the characters and the chemistry within The A-Team. They work so well together but the real show stealer in the film goes to Mr. Copley as Murdock. One would think that Liam Neeson would be the one to steal the show as Hannibal, but Mr. Copley takes the entire film and makes it his own personal playground of explosions and comedy.

Out of all of The A-Team members in the TV series, most people remember B.A. Baracus, but in the film, most people remember Murdock. Copley steals the show in this film and if the Oscars can give Robert Downey Jr. a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Tropic Thunder, I'm sure they can give one to Copley for The A-Team.

All in all, The A-Team is a fun movie. It's not Oscar-Caliber worthy but this movie is so much more fun than any of the movies that Michael Bay has made in his entire career (except for The Rock, but that was because Sean Connery saved that movie from being a disaster). Sure the plot is crap, but the warmth of the characters and the action sequences truly save the day and if the movie does well enough, there might be a sequel in the works.

I'm Maricruz Gonzalez and I'm the Movie Bitch, because somebody has to be.

Stay Sassy Planet Earth.

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