Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aladdin: The Prince of Persia Oh Wait, Wrong Movie

I have heard the rumors about the video game being turned into a film some years back when I was surfing the internet. Naturally I rolled my eyes and said that it was going to be bad just like all of the other movie adaptations of video games. The thing with this film is that it's not terrible, but it's not great either.

As far as video game film adaptations go, this one is by far the best, which is not saying much. The film isn't boring by any means. In fact it's pretty entertaining, but it just feels, standard. There is nothing that really makes this film stand out at all in any way, shape or form.

Ben Kingsley plays the most obvious villain in recent memory. Of course the entire time I was watching the film, I felt like I was watching the live version of a sexy and gritty reboot of Disney's Aladdin.  If you really watch this film again more closely, it is exactly that, a sexy, gritty reboot of Aladdin.

That's one of the things that made this film standard. I felt like I was watching Jerry Bruckheimer rip off Aladdin as opposed to making an adaptation of Prince of Persia. The only thing that was missing from the film was Robin Williams as Genie, a flying magic carpet and Gilbert Gottfried's voice.

Aside from all of the Aladdin jokes, this film appears to have a strange ostrich fetish. Not that I have anything against ostriches or riding ostriches, but I don't remember ostriches being in the video games, but then again, I have never played the series so your guess is as good as mine.

I also have an issue with the casting of this film as well. I have nothing against Jake Gyllenhall or Sir Ben Kingsly but why couldn't Disney hire actors that were actually Persian? It would give Persian actors some work and they would have probably turned out better performances. Gyllenhall wasn't too bad, but I think he should stick to indie fare.

Overall, the film is not terrible and its mildly enjoyable, but it's so standard. While the action sequences are impressive, they still lack that excitement and spark that comes along with the film. The ending is one of the biggest deus ex machinas I have seen in recent years and it pretty much slaps the audience in the face. Not to mention the love story feels slightly forced and this feels like a rip off of Aladdin.

As a video game adaptation, it does a good job, but as a film, it falls short.


  1. I like the way Jake Gyllenhall looks. So much so that I don't care how crap the movie he's in is. But, I'm all for a sexy, gritty Aladdin remake. It's my favorite Disney movie. Gilbert Gottfried could be the voice of the ostrich, yeah? (I love Gilbert Gottfried, by the way.)

  2. Well I don't have anything against Jake Gyllenhall, but I just wish the film had a little more spark to it. It was a little too standard for me.

    Gilbert Gottfried as an Ostrich would have been fucking hysterical though.