Monday, October 4, 2010

The Movie Bitch Reviews: On Deadly Ground

The Movie Bitch is going to end Steven Seagal Month (I know it's a little late, I apologize) with a bang! This week I reviewed On Deadly Ground!

Let's if this movie is hot, hot, hot or a hot, hot, hot mess.


  1. At least Seagal actually fights in this one! The fight scenes in his "Against the Dark" consist of shots of his hands just moving around. Jazz hands! It would have been hilarious if the rest of the movie weren't so damned boring.

    I loved your use of Team America songs, they worked very well. (Plus, I love Team America.) The subtitling of the love interest's dad was funny as well. Great review!

  2. Yes I felt the translations were the best part of the review. This film overall is comedy gold thanks to Michael Caine's performance.