Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trailer Trash Time!

That's right! Here are a few movie trailers of films that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. You're going to have to guess which of these movies will be reviewed for the one year anniversary of The Movie Bitch.


  1. I certainly hope that it is REPO: The Genetic Opera. Because while I really wanted to love it, and Giles as Repo Man is great, and it seems like it would speak to my inner goth child all while having an interesting dystopian POV... It turns out that Paris Hilton's role isn't even the worst part of this movie, and I kinda found her role as a satire of here real life and kinda lulzy... But that movie sucks balls, sorry to say. So did The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, while the comics are fabulous. I am also sickly interested in the ridiculousness of Cher as sexy in Burlesque...

  2. I will get to these films when I can! REPO will get a review but it's not going to be for the One Year Anniversary of The Movie Bitch. I am still working on the video.