Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Let Thor Play Whack-A-Mole

Seriously he will wreck the shit out of it.

I am incredibly picky when it comes to super hero films. There have been some very bad ones (Steel, Barbwire, Spiderman 3, Batman and Robin, and Fantastic Four come to mind) while there have been very good super hero films (The gritty Batman reboots by Christopher Nolan, the first and second X-Men movies, the first Superman movie and the Iron Man movies). Thankfully, Thor falls  into the latter category.

When I heard that Kenneth Branagh was going to direct this film I was skeptical because he's really well known for directing dramas and Shakespearean films (I will review Love's Labour's Lost, I promise). The casting is great, for the most part (although, casting an Australian and two British actors is a little off, but they pull it off so who am I to complain) and the plot is pretty sound. 

I expected this film to be a standard blockbuster that will make a lot of money and then have a half-assed sequel.

I am so glad I was proven wrong. 

Now, this film has its flaws, but its flaws are minimal. For one, the acting performances were great and made this movie really fun to watch. Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard all have wonderful chemistry together and play off of each other very well. The same goes for Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. Tom Hiddleston gives a good performance as Loki, but he does come off a little bit over the top and is it just me or does he look a bit like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation at certain points in the movie.

Nope don't see any similarities...

The world of Asgard is gorgeous and incredibly well put through CGI. Now I love the advances of technology in the use of it in films, but I also have an issue with a lot of films that over use the technology which takes away the power and amazement of it. In this case it was utilized well and didn't over shadow the overall film. 

Here are a few of the film's flaws:

The pacing of the film felt a little bit uneven at times. The introduction and Thor's origin story was nicely put together. The middle and the end of the film however, felt a little bit rushed. 

As I mentioned earlier, Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki was good but it came off as a little over the top at certain points. The action sequences are very well choreographed and executed, but they are a little bit standard at times.

The score of the movie is wonderful, but it's not very memorable. Despite the beautiful scenery of Asgard and cinematography, the score is nice, but it's forgettable and the film's score sometimes makes the movie a little more powerful. In this case it's not too much of a detriment, but the film could have had a more epic feel if the score was more memorable.

Overall Thor is a fun movie to watch. Is it on the same scale as The Dark Knight? No but in terms of entertainment and fun, it's on the same scale as Iron Man. The film's minor flaws are not enough to take away the fun and excitement of the film. Hell, I'm actually looking forward to seeing a Thor sequel and seeing him in The Avengers. Now that I think about it, Tom Hiddleston looks a lot like a certain someone that I have school girl crush on...

 Hmmm...he kind of does look like Martin Gore...nope don't see it either.

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