Monday, September 26, 2011

The Movie Bitch Reviews: The Expendables

On this episode, The Movie Bitch tackles the testosterone Stallone-Fest The Expendables. Does this movie kick a ton of ass or is it another Expendable action film?

I do apologize for some of the clips having the director's commentary, I just thought it was funnier that way.

The music that I used near the end of the review is ACDC's Thunderstruck.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Female Critics and The Blogosphere

This is a special post that I have decided to write considering the many things I have been hearing during my usual rounds on the internet and on the That Guy With The Glasses Community. I feel that this is something that I need to get off my chest and also to put things in perspective and draw the line where it needs to be drawn.

I have been reading about female bloggers (video and typed) getting seriously credible and disgusting threats about being raped and being called horrendous things just because they disagreed with their opinions.

I am guilty of making fun of and even offending people with some of the jokes that I have said in my video and written reviews, but I will never in a million years make threats about murdering or raping or other disgusting comments about other reviewers, bloggers or people in general.

I am not accusing the That Guy With The Glasses community for doing these things because as far as I know the Channel Awesome Community has been good and supportive of my work and efforts along with those of fellow contributors and bloggers. I know they are also on top of things as well and try to prevent these things from ever getting to that boiling point.

I know there are going to be a few bad apples that slip through the cracks and therefore this where we need to step up and take charge and throw these apples out.

When anonymous commentators say things like "Tits, or get the fuck out," or make or fantasize about murdering or killing someone, that is not funny, nor is it a joke. It's disgusting and dehumanizing to both men and women.

I understand that these things make most internet users look immature and despicable human beings, when in most part that is not the case.

I am writing this in response to what happened recently to Tech Blogger Kathy Sierra and the loads of disgusting and hateful comments and threats that she received from commentators. I am also recalling a while back some asshole commentators who felt the need to question TGWTG Reviewer Diamanda Hagan's actual biological sex and the comments about Nostalgia Chick being fat.

These comments are disgusting, spiteful and hateful. This type of behavior is ruining the fun of conversing and discussing discourse of any kind on the internet and it needs to stop. If you think I am being oversensitive, then you are missing the entire point of what I am saying.

I have and always will be a feminist, but I am also in support of equity and respect for everyone. Some of you may argue that calling myself "The Movie Bitch," is not being feminist, well I am claiming that word to mean something positive and if you call me a bitch, then I will say well it's better to be one than to be someone with no voice. As long as there are trolls and assholes out there on the internet, I will be the one pointing them out so that we can throw away the filth, so to speak.

Stay Sassy Planet Earth,
The Movie Bitch