Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Year, New Format, New Design

I know I have been on hiatus for the last several months. Graduate School and Full Time Work takes a huge chunk of your time so that's why this blog has been vacant.

However, I have done a lot of thinking and deliberation and I have decided to take this blog into a new direction. I will still do movie reviews, but I have decided to also include feminist and gender analysis of video games and even do video game reviews as well. It was not an easy decision but I figured that if I can combine my love for film and video games, then this is the best place to do it. I hope t...his works out well because, I am going to take on a lot more than I have imagined.

I will also change my name of the blog to Meta Fatale (a play on MetaCritic and Femme Fatale) since I will be covering video games and movies.

I understand if the lot of you will not stick with this, but this decision did not come easy.

My name is Maricruz Gonzalez and I'm the Meta Fatale, because somebody has to be.

Stay Sassy Planet Earth!